Taprite Primary Nitrogen Regulator

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Built in North America this Taprite primary nitrogen regulator can be used for home draft dispense using nitrogen or beer gas and is easy to use and easy to maintain.

The regulator's brass body and zinc bonnet make it corrosion resistant and highly durable in a number of environments. This 1 Pressure 1 Product Regulator has a CGA580 Inlet and 5/16 inch barb shutoff w/check vlave.

Gas gauges include a 60 PSI output gauge and a 3000 PSI tank gauge to keep track of how much gas is left in your tank. 

Taprite Part Number: 742HPN
Regulator Inlet Type:  CGA580 (Left Hand thread)
Pressure relief valve (55-60 PSI)
Working Pressure Range:  0-50psi
Pressures and Products:  1 Pressure, 1 Product
Regulator Gas Type:  Nitrogen, beer gas (nitrogen/CO2 mix) and argon
Regulator Outlet Type:  5/16 inch Barb Shutoff w/Check
Body parts are 1/4 inch NPT
0-60 PSI low pressure gauge (Right Hand Thread)
0-3000 PSI high pressure gauge (Left Hand Thread)