Belgian Candi Syrups

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Candi Syrup Inc. brand brewing sugars and syrups are highly sought after products.  They come in a variety of colors and flavors in convenient 1 lb packages.  Can be stored at room temp but should be either consumed or refrigerated upon opening.

D-45™ - A dark-amber translucent Candi Syrup. Hints of caramel, vanilla, and lightly toasted bread. Exceedingly good in all Ale recipes that call for a caramel aromatic, not limited to Belgian Ale's.

D-90™ - A dark candi syrup with a mild palate of dark chocolate, dark stone fruit, slight hint of coffee, toffee, and medium-toasted bread notes. Excellent for all Belgian Ale's.

D-180™ - One of the richest candi syrups with an SRM of 180. It has no competitors for flavor, color or smooth fermentability. Subtle notes of anise, dark chocolate (some say fresh ground coffee), dark stone fruit, caramel, with a hint of dark-toasted bread. An exceedingly superior syrup for superior clones of Westvleteren 12, Rochefort 10, and all dark high gravity Belgian Ale's.

D-240™ - D-240 Candi Syrup is the richest and darkest candi syrup available on the market with an SRM of 240. Created to have a rich smooth palate, D-240 is a triple-dark syrup with hints of dark raisin, extra dark stone fruit and a roasted dark caramel back-palate. For ales that require full body and indescribable flavor that will set your ales apart.

Golden Candi Syrup™ - A decadent Golden Candi Syrup that contributes rich caramel flavors followed by a subtle dried raisin back-palate. The color is a rich translucent 24 karat gold. Golden is ideal for award winning Belgian Golden Ale's, Tripels, Bier de Garde, Saison, Belgian Blonde, and all lighter Belgian Ale's.

Simplicity Candi Syrup™ - This blonde Candi Syrup is unlike anything available on the market. Simplicity is a light blonde, carefully developed syrup excellent for Saison and Golden Ales or as an addition to any higher gravity ale. It is has a balance of highly fermentable sugars and creates a refreshing subtle flavor that is always on the periphery of your palate somewhere between citrus and honey but much lighter. Simplicity Candi Syrup is much to be preferred over using other adjuncts due to it's balance of readily fermentable sugars and subtle flavor contribution.