Shoreline Malting

East Coast Hoppers is very proud to be the retail outlet for PEI's Shoreline Malting Company!

Shoreline is a craft malt house in Slemon Park,  Prince Edward Island.  Shoreline believes in providing our brewers with: 

Quality and Consistency – We rigorously test throughout our process.   It starts in the field, validating the crop for malting potential before we even harvest.  This is followed up with further testing for malt grade and germination potential before we move grains from farm storage to the malt house.   Throughout the malting process we test for moisture uptake, germination stage, and final moisture to esnure the malt will deliver the brewing efficiency and flavour our customers expect.

 Innovation and Collaboration – Our farm partner means we control the process from the varieties of grains we seed all the way to the final malt profile produced by our maltster.   Innovation is part of what makes craft brewing great and we can grow new (and old) cereal varieties and build custom malt profiles.   To date we have grown over multiple years five different malt barley varieties, as well as hard and soft wheat, rye, oats and for the first time this year, spelt.

Local and Sustainable – We work with multi-generational family farms.  They view the land as a legacy to be protected for future generations.   We are passionate about what we do.  Malt purchased from Shoreline supports the local farm economy.

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