Torrified Wheat

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Yes: fine crush (for BIAB)
Yes: regular crush (manual sparging)
Yes: coarse crush (automated systems)

Thomas Faucett Torrified Wheat is unmalted (raw) and pre-gelatinized; meaning it is mash ready. just like flaked wheat (with the exception that it needs to be milled). It is an adjunct used to increase body, mouthfeel, head retention and lacing.  

It is important to note that wheat is higher in protein and beta-glucans than barley, so rice hulls are recommend to avoid stuck mashes, this becomes especially important when using >10% in the mash.

Color  Unit Color  Value Usage
°L 1.7 - 2..3 up to 50%
SRM 1.5 - 2.3
EBC 3 - 5