NZH Exp. 107

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NZH-107 is a proprietary experimental hop blend developed jointly between New Zealand Hops, Ltd. and Brewers Supply Group. NZH-107 was created as part of the BSG Hop Solutions Program and is exclusively sold through BSG. 


Intense tropical fruit (guava/passion fruit) and citrus (grapefruit/lime) aroma characteristics. 

Brewing Application:

NZH-107 is an excellent hop solution for many applications from first kettle to dry hop additions. Given the big character of NZH-107, early trials are focused on intensely hop-forward styles like IPAs, pale ales, and dry-hopped pale lagers.

Alpha Acid 8 - 11%
Beta Acid 5 - 7%
Co-humulone 27 - 31%
Total Oil 1.4 - 2.2 mL/100g