Maris Otter - 55lb (25kg) Sack

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Yes: fine crush (for BIAB)
Yes: regular crush (manual sparging)
Yes: coarse crush (automated systems)

Maris Otter® is a high quality English 2-row barley that offers a more complex flavor profile that includes subtly sweet bread and biscuit like flavors and a gentle nutty flavor that other 2-row varieties does not. Additionally, Maris Otter® contributes slightly more color than other 2-row malts which results in a wort that has golden-orange hues.  An excellent choice for English beverages however it goes well in many other styles.  From classic UK maltsters such as Bairds, Thomas Fawcett or Simpsons (Bairds is currently in stock).  

Color  Unit Color  Value Usage
°L 2.5 - 3 up to 100%
SRM 2.5 - 3.5
EBC 5 - 7



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