Malt Muncher 3-Roller Mill

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This Malt Muncher 3-roller malt mill is built to last with three rollers made out of cold rolled steel, the body from Aluminum and hardened steel bearings. 

The two top rollers are pre-set (not adjustable) to pull in the malt and crack it.  The third roller is fully adjustable and further processes the cracked malt so you can dial in a fine, medium or coarse crush depending on your needs. The third roller can be adjusted on each end of the mill. 

It comes with a removable hand crank which can be replaced with a 1/2" drill rotor.

The included hopper holds up to 12 lbs of malt. The hopper requires assembly.

This mill does not include any kind of base, it comes as pictured.  A Malt Muncher base can be purchased separately here.