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Loral™, formerly known as HBC 291, provides a more traditional yet unique hop character, providing the floral and herbal notes one would expect from a fine noble aroma hop. Its mother is the U.S. developed aroma variety Glacier; the grandmother being the long-established European noble aroma variety known as Tardif de Bourgogne originating in the Bourgogne region of Eastern France. The father is a son of the U.S. developed Nugget variety. Loral™ is characterized by having numerous small, dense cones with moderate alpha acids.

The aroma profile of Loral™ has been described as a “super noble hop” with its wonderful floral and herbal notes followed by a backdrop of citrus and earthy character. A touch of sweet fruity aroma rounds out this well-balanced hop. In beverage, the floral notes are accentuated yet complemented nicely by fruity and citrus with just a hint of herbal. Don’t expect an in-your-face fruity character with Loral™ as seen with some recent U.S. variety releases - this hop is approachable and balanced. Great for distinctive IPAs and pale ales but perfect for sessionable and lager-style beverages.

Alpha Acid 10 - 12%
Beta Acid 4.5 - 5.5%
Co-humulone 21 - 23%
Total Oil 2.5 mL/100g
Myrcene 37 - 39% of total oil
Humulene 23 - 25% of total oil
Caryophyllene 6 - 8% of total oil
Farnesene <1% of total oil


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