19L Kegs - Ball Lock (Pepsi)

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These ball lock corny kegs are used and have some cosmetic damage such as dents and scratches.  Some were painted black and some are still all stainless.  Most of the black ones have some level of paint wearing off from use but could easily be repainted or have the rest of the paint stripped off.

I  have one and two handled versions available, just pick your preference.

Now for the good stuff:

These kegs are CLEAN!  I spent hours scrubbing them with PBW so you don't have to.   They have also been sanitized after cleaning and they have been pressure tested. 

I've also reconditioned these kegs with all brand new:

- poppets (in and out)

- lid seals

- gas and liquid disconnect post seals

- dip tube seals

The images are of the actual kegs and I took pictures of the ones with some of the worst cosmetic damage (not the best looking ones like some places do) so you can understand what these actually look like. Some may look a little rough around the edges but being fully reconditioned they will serve you well for a long time with little to no maintenance.

It is first come first serve and you may pick from what i have available if you come to pick up and I'll send you the best of what I have available if I am shipping them out.