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Need to carbonate in a hurry?  This stainless steel carbonation cap has a gas ball lock fitting and is designed to fit PET plastic beverage and soft drink bottles. Simply attach the carb cap to a bottle ready to be carbonated and attach CO2 using the ball lock fitting. 


For best results chill your beverage well in advance; the colder it is the faster the CO2 will go into solution.  Attach the carb cap and CO2 quick disconnect, turn on the gas, turn the bottle upside down and shake the bottle for about 15 seconds.  You will be able to see the CO2 bubbles entering the bottle. Wait for a minute or two and then give it a couple more shakes. Turn the bottle upright, let it rest for a few minutes then release the excess pressure but pushing in the poppet in the center of the carb cap. You can now remove the carb cap and install the regular poly cap.  

Carbonation levels will depend on temperature of your beverage, CO2 gas pressure used and shake times.  


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