Brulosopher's Best Brown

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I understand that this kit is for all-grain brewers and requires specialized equipment and knowledge to brew. East Coast Hoppers Kits include Instructions and BeerSmith files to help determine strike and sparge volumes and temperatures. Other kits may require brewing software or a knowlege of brewing calculations to determine water volumes and temperatures. It is up to the brewer to determine if this kit is appropriate for their equipment and techniques.

Submitted By: A customer that found and likes this recipe suggested adding it up

Recipe found in BeerSmith Recipe Cloud 

Style: Brown Ale


21L @ 70% efficiency

OG 1.051
FG 1.012
ABV 5.1
SRM 22.1
IBU 27.7
Mash Temp 67.8°C (154°F)
Mash Time 60 minutes


Ingredients Quantity Addition and Time
 Mash 60 min
Munich 908g  Mash 60 min
Wheat  454g  Mash 60 min
Carapils  336g  Mash 60 min
Crystal 60  280g  Mash 60 min
 Mash 60 min
Crystal 15
 227g  Mash 60 min
Magnum  11g  Boil 60 min
Willamette  18g  Boil 25 min
Cascade  22g  Boil 5 min

Yeast included with this kit: S-04

Highly recommend using White Labs WLP002 in this kit

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