2 inch Stainless Steel Element Enclosure with 1.5 inch TC for kettles

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For use with straight 1" NPS Camco Heating Elements (not compatible with ripple elements).

Simply screw in the element (not included; pictured to show how it looks completed), wire it up (wiring not included) and quickly attach it to your kettle or hot liquor tank with a 1.5 inch tri-clover clamp and gasket (1.5 inch clamp and gasket not included).

The 1.5 inch TC end has a 1 inch Female NPS Connection (for straight fold back Camco elements, ripple elements will not fit this enclosure)

Housing is stainless steel and it has a 2 inch TC end.  The 2 inch end cap (included) has a 1 inch center hole for the cord strain relief (included) which attaches to the enclosure with a 2 inch clamp and gasket (included)

2 1/4" Length

2 1/2" Widest Diameter

Included in this kit:

2 inch enclosure with 1.5 inch TC for attaching to kettle

2 inch TC end cap with 1 inch center hole

2 inch Tri clamp and gasket

strain relief for cord