Taprite Secondary CO2 Regulator

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Built in North America this Taprite Secondary pass-through CO2 regulator will allow you to pressurize an individual keg in line with other regulators so that you can have multiple serving pressures.  Great for having a keg or stout or an English style beverage that you want lower carb levels on or for singling out a keg to force carb or serve at much higher pressures than you normally would.  

This regulator features a 1/4 inch MFL valve output connection but does NOT include a Stainless Steel Barbed Swivel Nut (required to add gas line to keg), 60lb gauge, a safety relief valve factory set to 55-60 PSI and mounting bracket.

This regulator has 1/4 inch NPT inlet and outlets that are right hand thread.  The inlet and outlet barbs (or 1/4 inch male NPT brass plug) are not included.

Taprite Part Number: T1661ST-10
Regulator Inlet/outlet Type: 1/4 inch NPT (right hand thread; not included)
Special Features:  plastic adjustment knob
Working Pressure Range:  0-50psi
Pressures and Products:  1 Pressure, 1 Product
Pass-through? YES
Regulator Gas Type:  CO2
Regulator Outlet to keg:  1/4 inch MFL valve (1/4 inch Swivel Nut and barb not included) 
Regulator Type:  beverage, CO2, Home Draft, Secondary, inline