Flush-Mount Frothing Pitcher/Glass Rinser

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Keep your pitchers/glasses/cocktail shakers clean and cool by locating this rinser next to your keggerator/keezer/bar and in between drinks give a blast of pressurized water into your glass to rinse it out.  You’ll save water and time with a glass rinser at your bar.

Please Note: It is recommended that you use a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure coming into the rinser to 15 PSI  This can be done using our Doutight Regulator at the water supply end of the water line and between it and the rinser a Doutight Tee with a Duotight Pressure Gauge  installed on it to dial in the pressure going to your rinser, finally you would need a Duotight 9.5mm (3/8inch) to 8mm (5/16 inch) reducer to drop the 3/8 (9.5mm) line coming from the rinser down to the 8mm size for our Duotight fittings.  Don't forget some Duotight compatible tubing to connect everything together! Then all you need is a shutoff with a compression fitting to connect to your existing water line, these can be picked up at any hardware store.

This kit includes a 1/2 inch BSP Connector (Krome part# C029) with 5 feet of 3/8 inch OD tubing

Water Inlet: 3/8″ John Guest (push in fitting)

No electricity required

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Finish: Brushed Stainless
Length: 7.32 inch
Width: 6.85 inch
Height: 2.64 inch
Approvals NSF Certified (Rinser Only)