Fermzilla All Rounder SS Carry Handle

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These handles are made from 304 stainless steel and wll suit the large family of FermZilla fermenters/uni tanks/bright tanks.

The handles are made from 5.5mm thick 304 grade sainless steel and held together with stainless bolts.

These handles are suitable to take load up to 100kg.

These stainless steel handles make it easy to maneuver, lift, wash and carry your FermZilla.  This is the universal handle and fits:

 FermZilla 27L - Conical Fermenter - KL06835

FermZilla 35L - Conical Fermenter - KL14144

FermZilla 55L - Conical Fermenter - KL06842

 FermZilla 27L - Flat Bottom - KL13550

FermZilla 55L - Flat Bottom - KL14151

 FermZilla 27L - Bright Tank - KL14168

FermZilla 55L - Bright Tank - KL14175

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