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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I understand that this kit is for all-grain brewers and requires specialized equipment and knowledge to brew. East Coast Hoppers Kits include Instructions and BeerSmith files to help determine strike and sparge volumes and temperatures. Other kits may require brewing software or a knowlege of brewing calculations to determine water volumes and temperatures. It is up to the brewer to determine if this kit is appropriate for their equipment and techniques.

This is a lovely version of a classic Gose style.  Tart but not super sour and a gentle briny note from the salt. This one can be done with a classic kettle sour but I skipped this step and fermented this out with Lallemand's Wildbrew Philly Sour yeast and couldn't have been more happy with the results.  This yeast produces the lactic acid so no kettle souring or use of bacteria is necessary.  It ferments a bit slower than traditional yeast but dropped the pH to 3.5 and it added some nice subtle red apple and stone fruit flavors which play well with the citrus from the light coriander addition.  A crisp, easy drinker that both cleanses and refreshes the pallet!

This kits gives you all the malt, hops and yeast you need to brew this beverage.

Not included with this kit is 11-14g of sea salt (add to your tastes) which needs to be added at 5 minutes remaining in the boil.

All malts for this kit come milled and are supplied mixed in one bag.  Grains are not milled until the kit has been purchased.  Milled grains will last for up to one year provided they are kept sealed in the bag they come in.  If you are not brewing right away please put the hops in the freezer and the yeast in the fridge to keep them fresh

Kit Specs:

Quantity of malt - 5kg

Color - 3.0 SRM

IBU's - 20.6

ABV - 5.2% (75% mash efficiency and 23L final volume)

Yeast - Wildbrew Philly Sour



To add this recipe to your beverageSmith, simply click the download button below and open the file with your beverageSmith program. Alternatively, save the file, open your beverageSmith application, click on "File" menu (top left), select "Open File" and navigate to the downloaded file. Once open you can customize this recipe to your equipment.



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