Duotight Reducer - 9.5mm to 8mm

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This duotight reducer is a great way to bring two different fitting sizes together as it has an 8mm (5/16 inch) end and a 9.5mm (3/8 inch) end on the other.  This is a perfect way to hook up one of our glass rinsers as it adapts the tubing used on the rinser down to 8mm so it can be used with our 8mm size pressure gauges and regulators, which allow you to adjust the incoming water pressure to 15PSI as recommended by the manufacturer.

Looking for high quality push in fittings that will seal tight? Duotight are the push in fitting with superior sealing capacity due to the double o-ring sealing design.

Why do we use Double O-rings?
The secret to our superior sealing performance is not just the fact that we use high quality EPDM o-rings but also use two of them. The double o-ring means we literally have twice the sealing surface surface when compared with other push in fittings. This makes our fittings even more reliable and reduces the chance of a leak significantly.

The double o-ring system also means that we can bend the hose with much tighter radius without causing leaking issues. This typically can be an issue with other fittings. This combination of factors makes Duotight fittings the most reliable push fit fittings on the market.

No clamps necessary!
We do recommend cutting your hosing straight, not on an angle, to ensure the line has a complete seal. To remove the fitting simply push in the collet and the hose can be removed. These push in fittings are suitable to be used up to 100 psi.

 Connect Doutight fittings with our 8mm tubing found here