Complete Wort Oxygenation Kit

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This is the ultimate oxygenation kit for your wort. Everyone knows that the right amount of oxygen is required for yeast to build their cell walls and replicate for a healthy fermentation.  The old shaking the carboy or using a fish tank pump to infuse air (which is only 21% oxygen) methods just don't cut it.  The disposable oxygen tanks that you can get at the hardware store work well but don't last long and get expensive and are wasteful to keep replacing.   Instead this kit gives you a much larger tank and everything else you need to oxygenate your wort properly!

This kit comes complete with:

1 x Oxygen tank (comes empty) that can be filled (or exchanged) by gas supply companies such as Island Oxygen or Praxair).  This tank is much larger than the disposable tanks you get at the hardware store and will save you significantly over the years.  The tank is approximately 18 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter.

1 x Oxygen regulator for controlling the volume of oxygen going to the wort.  Settings range from 1/32 to 4 liters per minute of flow

1 x stainless steel wand (~22 inches long) with a 2 micron carbonation stone attached to the end for injecting the pure oxygen directly into your wort with easily absorbed fine bubbles.

1 x 4 foot length of tubing to connect the wand to to the regulator

1 x inline air filter to be fitted within the tubing between the regulator and the wand