CO2 Tanks

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The 2.5 lb CO2 tank is a smaller size that is useful for taking on vacation and using with a jocky box or when space is limited inside a kegerator or keezer.

The 5 lb CO2 tank is a convenient size and will fit inside a kegerator or keezer for a clean looking install.

The 10 lb CO2 tank is bigger and holds more gas so you don't have to refill as frequently.  These tanks come with a convenient carry handle.

These tanks are brand new and made from aluminum, which is superior to steel as they don't rust, and have CGA320 valves. 

All tanks are shipped empty.


2.5 lb size - 4.5 inches OD, 14 inches in height and ~4.5 lbs empty.

5 lb size - 5.25 inches OD, 18 inches in height and ~9 lbs empty.

10 lb size -6 7/8 inches OD, 20 3/4inches in height and ~15 lbs empty

The best place to fill empty CO2 tanks on PEI is T&K Fire in Charlottetown.  Alternatively, if you want to start off with a full tank, you can add a tank exchange (currently 5lb tanks only) to your cart with your new tank and we will swap your new empty tank for a full one from our tank exchange program.