Cleaning Brushes - Various

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Various brushes for the cleaning of various equipment:

Multi-use brush - 5/8 inch OD bristles and 6 1/2 inches in length. This brush is a great size for cleaning 3-piece air locks or draft beer faucets.

Bottle brush - This brush is 17 inches in length and has soft bristles that fit down into any size bottle to clean any remaining residue and prepare your bottle for proper sanitizing.  

Kettle Port brush - Made by Spike Brewing, this brush has a stainless steel handle and black nylon bristles that are perfect for cleaning kettle ports, valves, hose barbs and whatever else you can fit it into

Double Sided Faucet brush - This brush is ideal for cleaning your faucets and shanks. Its handle is made from stainless steel and the brush is 12.5 inches in total length.  On one end there is a 3/4 inch OD by 3 5/8 inch long brush and on the other end it has a 1/2 inch OD by 2 inch long brush.