Loyalty (Rewards) Program

East Coast Hoppers Loyalty Program!

Here are at East Coast Hoppers we want to thank our loyal customers with an all new loyalty program which allows you to earn points toward $$$ off your orders. 

Please note, the loyalty program is a rewards program for homebrewers only and does not apply to any commercial or business accounts or activities.

Reward points are earned through purchasing. For every $1 you spend you get 10 points (points are not earned on shipping or taxes)

Redeem your points for money off your order (not including shipping or taxes). Save up for better rewards to points ratios!

$5 off - 2000 points
$10 off - 3500 points
$25 off - 8000 points
$50 off - 14500 points

As always, thanks for your support and enjoy your rewards!