WLP546 - Marañón Canyon Wild Cacao

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This yeast was isolated from the thought to be extinct Pure Nacional variety of cacao. In 2007, this rare variety with white beans was rediscovered in the remote Marañón River Canyon in Peru. The fruity, phenolic, and wild-like characteristics of this strain make it an ideal choice for farmhouse and saison-style beers.

WLP546 Marañón Canyon Wild Cacao is POF+, this strain will contribute phenolic characteristics to finished products. 

For faster fermentation or higher attenuation, use in conjunction with a higher attenuating strain. [Suggested strains: WLP001, WLP550, and WLP590 (STA1+)]

 Attenuation 65% - 70%
Flocculation Low
Alcohol Tolerance Med (5 - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 18°C - 24°C (65°F - 75°F)