Stalljen Kveik

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From Lars Marius Garshol:

Stig Jarle Seljeset got the yeast from his father in the 70s and has been using it ever since. He has never mixed it with any other yeast. He calls his brewery 'Stalljen' (means 'stable') because it's in the house that used to be the stable on the farm.

The original Stalljen is the dry kveik we pull out of the freezer whenever someone doesn't believe us about how amazingly fast kveik is. They go silent when it starts fermenting after 30 minutes.

This is a blend of four isolates from the original culture and was our fastest propagation ever.

Attenuation 70-80%
Alcohol Tolerance
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 20-35°C (68-95°F)

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