Saison Maison

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This is a non-diastatic yeast isolated from a Belgian Saison. This is quite unique in the saison yeast world, as most saison yeasts contain the STA1 glucoamylase gene, resulting in extremely dry beers. This yeast is suitable for breweries who want to produce authentic Saisons but who are put off by the risk of diastatic yeasts. Saison Maison attenuates in a manner similar to many workhorse ale strains like Cali Ale. To produce an ultra-dry saison, wort production can be adjusted to make a more fermentable wort, or amyloglucosidase enzyme products can be used. 

Attenuation 80%
Flocculation Medium-Low
Alcohol Tolerance Medium-High
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 22°C (72°F)