Evil Twin Malt Mill - 2 roller

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This is a Vintage Shop 2 roller mill and is great for crushing malts and adjuncts for all grain brewing.  It comes with a hand crank but can quickly and easily be hooked to a drill for automated crushing. Some assembly required.

  • It has an easily adjustable gap setting so you can grind grains and other materials to perfection.
  • It comes with a longer shaft so you won’t hit the pail while grinding with the hand crank.
  • The rollers are made of Stainless Steel
  • The Standard Hopper holds 10 lbs.
  • It has a solid base and can be easily attached to a drill with no extra parts.
  • When using a drill at 500 RPM you can crush up to 6 pounds per minute.
  • It is also easily adjusted to different size buckets.
  • The hopper screws stainless steel.
  • Frame, hand crank and Hopper made of aluminum.
  • Adjustable rollers from 0 to 1.1 mm

The base can easily be removed in order to permanently mount the mill.