Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet

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Intertap faucets have been discontinued and were replaced with the new and upgraded Nuka Taps and Nuka Tap Stealth Bomber.

Intertap's stainless steel version of its famous forward sealing tap.  The forward sealing design seals at the front of the tap unlike the rear sealing design where the beer drains all the way from the back of the faucet and the empty cavity, complete with beer residue creates a perfect habitat for nasty bacteria to grow and thrive.  The forward sealing design keeps bacteria out of the body of the tap.

Intertap also uses a unique sliding shuttle that holds the sealing o-ring perfectly in position within the tap, which makes a reliable seal every time.  Most other forward sealing designs use a floating o-ring design that requires the o-ring to move within the body of the tap which causes unnecessary wear and tear.

Intertap™ uses a threaded spout that can easily be removed and replaced with a range of other Intertap spouts such as their Stout Spout and the Growler Filler.

For some additional peace of mind, pick up an Intertap Self Closing Spring which installs between a compatible shank and the Intertap faucet which will self close the faucet when you let go of the tap handle.  This way there are never any accidental spills and leaks if you inadvertently don't shut the faucet off all the way.

This is the faucet only.  Tap handles, shanks, self closing springs and other Intertap accessories are sold separately.


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