Hornindal Kveik - OYL-091

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I understand that yeast is close to it's best before date and will require a starter to be made with it before use. It is up to the brewer to determine if this yeast is appropriate for their equipment and techniques.

Another unique kveik originating from the farmhouses of Norway. Hornindal produces an intense tropical flavor and aroma with notes of fresh pineapple, mango, and tangerine. Compliments fruit-forward hops as well as adding another dimension to beer made with traditional "C" hops. Warmer fermentation temperatures will increase the aromatic profile and fermentation speed. Non-phenolic. We preserved the original blend of strains to bring the best possible complexity.

Attenuation 75% - 82%
Flocculation Low to High
Alcohol Tolerance up to 10%
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 21°C - 38°C (70°F - 98°F)