Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 40 Kettle - DENTED

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This is a much more heavy duty grade stainless steel kettle complete with two riveted handles with heat resistant silicone handle coverings, two pre-punched holes for 1/2 inch weldless hardware (not included) and a lid.  This kettles has a thicker wall and a much thicker bottom than our economy kettles and is suitable for stove tops (if you have one big enough to handle it!).

Need a weldless thermometer for this kettle? Get it here

Need a weldless bulkhead for this kettle (for attaching valves etc.)?  Get it here

This kettle has two dents on the bottom and a small dent in the rim which is currently preventing the lid from closing up properly; review all pictures carefully before purchasing this kettle.  We've knocked $50 off the price as this kettle retails for $229.99 regularly!  These dents are purely cosmetic and have not affect on the kettles function. 

 40g dimensions:

OD: 22.75 inches
ID: 21.5 inches
OD (including handles): 26 inches
Height of kettle: 27.75 inches
Height with lid: 30 inches

***This kettle is big and bulky, please contact us for a shipping quote***