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I understand that yeast is close to it's best before date and will require a starter to be made with it before use. It is up to the brewer to determine if this yeast is appropriate for their equipment and techniques.

This yeast has a best before date of: Dec,10, 2018

Used to ferment lager beer in one week. Ferment at room temperature; 62-68°F (17-20°C) under 1.0 bar (14.7 PSI) until final gravity is obtained, generally one week. Lager the beer at 35°F (2°C), 15 PSI, for 3-5 days to condition. Sulfur production is strong the first 2 days, then disappears by day 5.

 Attenuation 73% - 82%
Flocculation Medium
Alcohol Tolerance Medium (5% - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 16.5°C - 20°C (62°F - 68°F)