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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I understand that yeast is close to it's best before date and will require a starter to be made with it before use. It is up to the brewer to determine if this yeast is appropriate for their equipment and techniques.

This yeast has a best before date of Sept 30, 2020

SafAle F-2 has been selected specifically for secondary fermentation in bottle and in cask. This yeast assimilates very little maltotriose but assimilates basic sugars (glucose, fructose, saccharose, maltose) and is characterised by a neutral aroma profile respecting the base beer character. SafAle F-2 resists to high alcohol levels (>10% v/v) and allows brewers to obtain all the properties of re-fermentation.

Attenuation NA
Flocculation Medium
Alcohol Tolerance >10% 
Optimum Fermentation Temperature 15°C - 25°C (59°F - 77°F)